Our Agricultural Project- El Tossal de les Garrigues, was born in 2012. It has developed out of a mutual relationship of the LES GARRIGUES region embracing us and our ideas and our constant search for excellence in creating a high-quality product.

This region, which isn’t all too well known also produces several other delicious products, one of the many being the infamous arbequina olive oil.

Over the past few years we have dedicated endless amounts of time and effort into recovering a crop which is historically rooted to this region as it has been produced here for centuries- Saffron.

Day by day we are evolving- optimizing our production methods whilst all the time staying true to tradition and bearing in mind the importance of sustainability and the impact we have on the environment.

Our commitment to the environment is one we fully stand behind and for this reason we collaborate closely with the conservation project “Illa De Buda  an island belonging to the “Delta del Ebro” natural park.

In order to fully stand behind our core principles of origin, quality and purity in our saffron, we oversee the entire production process from maintenance tasks, harvesting, toasting, packaging all the way through to the commercial side of things.

El Tossal de les Garrigues is the first company able to produce, package and distribute Saffron in Catalunya.

Our main goal is to keep our clients satisfied by offering the best quality products from the region of Les Garrigues.

This simple philosophy is behind a family project.

Welcome to El Tossal de les Garrigues!